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Alfama Lisbon


Feel the rhythm of life in the heart of Lisbon.

Located beneath the castle and above the River Tagus’ estuary, Alfama is one of the oldest and most typical neighborhoods of Lisbon.

It is precisely here, on a little winding street, intercepted by curious stairs and travelled by the "old" 28 tram, that the new Lisbon Lounge Suites are born.

Comprised of 14 apartments and 10 rooms with all the amenities and facilities of a traditional hotel, Lisbon Lounge Suites Alfama boasts the charm of an inner courtyard and the fascination of a view that has the river as a horizon.

Outside the journey continues, amongst must-see monuments like the Sé Cathedral or S. Vincent’s Church, and curious events such as the flea market and the authentic environments within the fado houses.

Lisbon is a story of centuries, updated every day. Come live it!


Lisbon Municipal Tourist Fee

We inform you that from the January 1st - 2016 came in a Municipal Tourist fee.

All guests over 13 years of age – have to pay 1,00€ per each night, up to a maximum of 7,00€ per stay.

We ask you to pay the respective fee at the check-in act.

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